A public const or enum is part of an interface. Changing their values can break others who use the const or enum.

Some lessons about investments: passively managed fund, diversification and re-balance, etc.

The technology has prevailed our daily life. We enjoy the convenience by the technology. But a large portion of population with varied forms of disabilities may not feel the same way because the applications are not accessible. Accessibility matters because it helps more people to use the application and bring convenience to all of us.

We can create a component that’s shared by a few other components. In Ionic 3, we have to declare the component in @NgModule. Ionic 3 also supports lazy loading and each page is itself a module. We cannot declare a component in two modules. I’ll show you how to wrap the component in its own module and share that in different modules.

There are many z-wave devices on the market. OpenHAB can support them via its z-wave biding. It may be frustrating if a device cannot be added to the z-wave network. This post tells you how to add z-wave controller and points out tricky steps in adding a z-wave device.