There are many z-wave devices on the market. OpenHAB can support them via its z-wave biding. It may be frustrating if a device cannot be added to the z-wave network. This post tells you how to add z-wave controller and points out tricky steps in adding a z-wave device.

If you use OneWay WPF binding but set the target directly, the binding will be broken forever. Avoid it by setting the source only.

Set up CSF on your VPS. This can prevent attackers doing DDoS and bring down the VPS performance.

We can use angular-translate to help localization in app development. Integrate it in your app and use it asynchronously.

Learn what C# covariant and contravariant are and that it’s not applied to struct.

IntelilTrace collects events during application running. We can add custom events to collect the data specific to the application. Enum is a special type in C# which underlying type is an integer. We need some special treatment for it in collecting it in IntelliTrace.