Universe Model

When I talked to one guy in a meetup months ago, this thought stroke me.

The topic turned to be robot, human, life, and then the universe.

Some thoughts are summarized below.
Let's start with the human. There are two possibilities about its origin:
1. It's related to alien. Either it's created by an alien or it's offspring of an alien.
Then what's the origin of the alien?
2. It's evolving from life on the earth.
From what life it evolved from? How did the life come out at the very beginning.

Once we have the answer. we can ask again: where is that from? If we keep probing and tracing back, we will need to figure out why there was Big Bang or we'll find something that is far astonishing. In my opinion, both findings are about the origin of the universe.

There is one less difficult question: what is life. We already have a definition...... But is every object, for example, stone, sand, etc, a form of life? From our definition, No. But that's just our definition.

Then it comes a model.
Assuming we can develop a complex system in computer. In this system, some programs can modify (evolve) itself. They can probe the system where they're. They can give definitions to what they "observe". Doesn't that sound like an intellectual life? Then we only need to figure out a way to observe that those programs have the abilities of doing these.

Maybe we're living in such a system. It's not necessarily be a computer in somewhere though.


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