Update Azure Bot Using Command Line

We can of course manage Azure Bot Service in different ways, for example, from the portal, from Visual Studio, or from command line. I like to use command line. It's convenient: I don't need to navigate the UI in the portal or Visual Studio. I just execute the same command (or last command) from the command line. We can create, publish, and update an Azure bot effectively.

Azure Bot Service Documentation is a good start to learn to develop Azure bot. There is a section about deploy the bot using cli. It covers the command to create and publish the bot. az bot create to create a new bot. az bot publish to publish your code to the bot.

But wait. What if I already have a bot published. I've spent so much hours in debugging my code and making my bot more intelligent. I want to have my bot run the new code. Of course, you can do that from Visual Studio. I would like to use command line. Here is the command:
az bot update --name <BotName> --resource-group <GroupName>
Run this in the top directory of your code. For example, if /path/to/BotCodeInJavaScript contains your code. It's the directory you run the command.

That's it. Your published bot is smarter.


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